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The Director of Language Choices is TEFL trained Angèle Ann Andrews B.A. (Gen.), M.A.(Qual.) Anthropology .She has been engaged in the teaching of English and modern foreign languages for 28 years.


‘My preferred subjects are French and English which I enjoy teaching to adults as well as to secondary school students. I teach across the range of exam boards for GCSE. My students have obtained excellent results going up by one or two levels with A stars being achieved by many.’


Angèle, who is Anglo –Maltese, has lived and worked in 10 countries and is conversant in several languages. Settled in Greater London, Surrey, with her husband and son, her aims are to celebrate the diversity of humankind through language teaching as well through writing. Verse is one preferred medium as are short stories. Aspects of her poetry -already in print- are published on this web-site. Angèle is focusing on didactic poems which highlight topical social issues, especially the plight of the vulnerable: the homeless, the abandoned, the aged; reckless youth and the knife culture. Odes to the beauty of nature and glorious landscape, appreciation of love and life as well as positive aspects of human traits come through in verse.


Mission Statement: To help the learner bridge the language gap to propagate culture and make personal contacts. The achievement of a language certificate should not be an end in itself but serve as a vehicle of communication.


In conjunction with qualified language tutors, Language Choices offers home tuition at all levels. Clients have the choice to host the tutor in their own home or attend the tutor’s practice. Language Choices specialises in language learning over the phone and on-line. This has proven to be very effective as it is focused on supporting SATS and GCSE syllabi through interactive resources prepared by graduates. Homework is set and corrected on-line using E-mail/Skype.


Bespoke lessons are also available for adult learners:


‘It is our pleasure to help clients achieve their aims to communicate in other countries.’ Angèle Ann Andrews


To discuss our services, telephone: 01932 769504 or email info@languagechoices.com