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Dear learners,

Here are some English & French resources for you:



The following program is a complete package for self-learning. I've tested it and found it to be worthwhile! Rocket French also offers language gift vouchers



Meanwhile, here's a list of free French resources to complement your learning:

First of all, you are going to need to type French accents unless you have a French keyboard. Here is one good method:


I would recommend the following BBC web-sites to adults who wish to learn conversational French: 

‘Talk French’ for beginners


'French Steps' for intermediate students


'Ma France' for advanced learners


Bite size French is an excellent resource for GCSE revision.

The following is a foundation level reading exercise: Pen-friends


Another favourite web-site for revision of school French at all levels. This includes audio and videos:


The following provides an excellent support for French pronunciation.


 Would you like to listen to French songs and follow the lyrics? 

This web-site is invaluable. Here's Moustaki singing 'Joseph':


Rocket French is an excellent web-site promoting language packages to enhance your learning : 

Check out other languages:


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